Czech company is looking for a cooperating partner

Our company is based in the Czech Republic and we have the experience in the field of road construction. In communication, as with the Directorate of Roads and Highways and the Ministry of Transport, we…

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Meat and bone meal

Czech company is looking for meat and bone meal (MBM) supplier. Meat and bone meal must be made from animal by-products prepared according to EU standards.

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Warehouse - production object /800 m2/ in Prague for rent

The owner rents a warehouse, manufacturing and adimistration building in Prague 5 - Stodůlky. 510 m2 space for operations (daylight, clean, usable height of 4,7 meters, car enter form of driveway sectional,…

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Investment proposal

Czech company JET COMPANY, s.r.o. proposes for consideration an investment project of building in the territory of the Czech Republic the plant of the nutrient yeast with capacity of 8000 tons per year…

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Czech travel agency Medica Vacations offers all services related to medical, incentive, G/L, collective and individual tourism in area of the Czech Republic.

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Free trade capacity

Czech-German trading company offers free trade capacity.

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Exclusive sales agreement for crash barriers

Czech company VESIBA, looking for an exclusive sales agreement for steel mobile (portable) crash barrier systems in the Czech Republic.

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Installation of crash barier systems in EU countries

Czech company VESIBA, s.r.o.offers installation of all types of crash barrier systems in the states of the European Union (EU).

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Distributors for a manufacturer of mattresses for dogs

Czech production and trading company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of design, highly resistant mattresses for dogs is looking for a distributor / partner to sell their products in different…

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Exclusive representation for a manufacturer of forming machines

Czech manufacturer of forming machines looks for representatives in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

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Logistic Services

Czech company Easy Logistik, s.r.o. offers full range of all logistic services. The company is looking for new customers in EU.

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Insecticides, repellents, car cosmetics, hair cosmetics, air fresheners, household detergents, veterinary products

Czech company Lybar a.s. offers a wide range of insecticides, repellents, car cosmetics, hair cosmetics, air fresheners, household detergents, veterinary products. The company is looking for distributors,…

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Exclusive representation in the Czech and Slovak Republic

Czech company Mc TREE a.s. is looking for exclusive representation in the Czech and Slovak Republic in the following areas:1) Electronics, 2) Electrical domestic products and related branches .

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Offer of Storage and Handling Services, Lease of Production and Storage Premises

Please find below our offer of storage and follow-up handling and logistic services. Our company has been operating in the business of storage management and product distribution for mechanical engineering…

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Angebot von Lagerungs- und Komplettierungsdienstleistungen

Gestatten Sie uns, Sie in Sachen einer möglichen Zusammenarbeit auf dem Gebiet der Lagerungs-, Komplettierungs /Logistikdienstleistungen anzusprechen. Unsere Firma ist mit Lager- und Vetriebsaktivitäten…

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