Consultantions on legislative proposals

Advice and consultation on matters related to commercial activity, submission of statements and expert opinions in accordance with generally binding legislation, organisation of lectures and workshops to deepen legal consciousness, drafting of comments on proposed legislation as a part of interdepartmental review procedure, issuing of certificates of facts important in legal relations which arise in international trade.

National consultancy
CCC introduced an information system to collect the amendments and suggestions of its members on the drafts of new laws and regulations. The system involves the experts who are named guarantees for their fields of competence and it enables the Chamber to present its position on the most important issues related to business environment. 

EU consultancy
CCC is similarly involved in consultancy about the European legislation through various channels:

  • Eurochambres – CCC participates in formulation of European Chamber´s network on the major issues of the EU
  • UEAPME – CCC takes part in several committees of UEAPME and profits of its recognition as the European social partner
  • European Economic and Social Committee – CCC is represented in the EESC by Mr. Ivan Voles, Deputy Secretary who is member of Group I of employers and of sections for internal market and for external relations where he is the Vice-President of the section



European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


European Economic and Social Committee