About us

Our Mission
Create opportunities for business, push through and support measures aiming at further development of business in the Czech Republic and at strengthening the economic stability of the country.

Our Tradition
The chamber system as a platform for a common voice of business community in the territory of what is now the Czech Republic has existed since 1850, independently since 1922 in Czechoslovakia. As one of the leading economic powers in the 20s and 30s Czechoslovakia developed an independent chamber network that played a prominent role in the economic life of the country. The Czechoslovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry existed until 1992.

Czech Chamber of Commerce (in Czech Hospodářská komora České republiky) was set up by law (No. 301/1992) as an independent national chamber with voluntary membership. It became a legal successor of the Czechoslovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Who We Are

  • Independent business support organisation
  • Largest and most representative business association in the Czech Republic representing small, medium-sized and large companies, self-employed entrepreneurs, associations, unions and craftsmen organizations
  • Network – regional (regional and local chambers) and professional (unions, associations, crafts, etc.)
  • Platform of over 14 thousand members representing 60% of national GDP and 66% of employable population in the Czech Republic
  • Member of European and international organizations:
    EUROCHAMBRES (The Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
    ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)
    ► Represented in EESC (European Economic and Social Committee)